Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunanda Das - Topics of videos

Sunanda Das


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Innovation has to bring value to customers

3)      What keeps the organisation an enduring one

4)      Lessons from family that apply to work

5)      Work-life balance

6)      Learning everyday at work

7)      India operations of the company

8)      Drivers behind the demand for connectivity

9)      Observations about demand from SMEs

10)  Video-conferencing picking up momentum

11)  Example of bus service to explain network speed

12)  How are undersea cables monitored and maintained

13)  Factors that customers consider when choosing a connectivity provider

14)  Policy changes that can help the industry grow

15)  Impact of newer developments such as cloud computing, IP telephony

16)  Cost reduction measures adopted by companies

17)  Our business is all about communication

18)  Cable is here to stay

19)  Skills that are required in the industry

20)  Customer exposure makes the network professional more effective


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