Monday, November 30, 2009

Southern Institute of Art and Design - Topics of videos

Southern Institute of Art and Design


Interview with:

1)      Sharon Sabina Natarajan, Director-Academic Delivery

2)      Sunny Natarajan, Director-Academic Governance


Brief interaction with:


1)      V. Sumithira, Faculty, Foundation

2)      Kalimuthu, Faculty, Foundation


1)      Burn black money - R. Prabhagaran, Student

2)      Save the whales – Mary Smrutha Paul, Student

3)      Landscape – C. Venkatadri, Student

4)      Say no to drugs – Kurian Vivek, Student

5)      Abstract mural – N. Navin Raj Kumar, Student

6)      Mother's tear - Dharshana D. A., Student



In the Southern Institute of Art & Design campus, Muttukadu, Kanchipuram Dist (, November 27, 2009, 10 am – 1 pm



1)      Heading to the campus

2)      The journey thus far (Sunny, Sharon)

3)      Ambience suited to promote creativity (Sunny)

4)      Outdoor skill-based learning facilitated (Sharon)

5)      Creative expression will drive technology (Sharon)

6)      Integrating local craft knowledge with mainstream education (Sharon)

7)      Open class room (Sharon)

8)      Nature as the backdrop (Sunny)

9)      Burn black money (R. Prabhagaran)

10)  Design and its role in our economy (Sharon)

11)  Clean the ocean save the whales (Mary Smrutha Paul)

12)  Landscape (C. Venkatadri)

13)  Expectations of students (Sunny)

14)  Multifaceted experience helps in design (Sharon)

15)  Take a You turn (Kurian Vivek)

16)  Outdoor study (N. Navin Raj Kumar)

17)  Two different approaches to design education (Sharon)

18)  Philosophy is an integral part of creative expression (Sharon)

19)  Parrot (N. Navin Raj Kumar)

20)  Huge potential for design in our country (Sunny)

21)  Watercolour (R. Prabhagaran)

22)  Working with freshers (Faculty)

23)  Papier-mâché dolls (Faculty)

24)  Wax sculpture (Faculty)

25)  Project work (Faculty)

26)  How designers can add value to businesses (Sunny)

27)  Different stakeholders (Sunny)

28)  Feeling of mother (Dharshana D. A.)

29)  Metal sculpture (R. Prabhagaran)

30)  Cell-phone tower (C. Venkatadri)

31)  Roads (N. Navin Raj Kumar)

32)  Curriculum will undergo changes in due course (Sharon)

33)  Do parents discourage students who want to study art and design (Sharon)

34)  Short-term courses (Sharon)

35)  Leaving the campus


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