Thursday, November 26, 2009

S. Govindarajan - Topics of videos

S. Govindarajan


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Example of agile methodology in software

3)      Current projects

4)      Impact of recession on agile and lean space

5)      Interest that bigger and mid-tier players show towards agile approaches

6)      What can be a wrong way of implementing agile

7)      Do campuses expose students to agile methodologies

8)      Scope for agile in Indian industry

9)      What happens in ThoughtWorks Studio

10)  Customer becomes part of the extended team

11)  Are there risks in adopting an evolutionary model

12)  Change management

13)  Switching from traditional to agile way of working

14)  Does agile have its own detractors

15)  Newer revenue models

16)  Epic, story, pair programming, showcasing, retrospective

17)  Application of kanban in personal activities

18)  Visualisation and its advantages

19)  Role of project manager

20)  Benefits of Web 2 dot oh interfaces


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