Sunday, November 29, 2009

Priya Bhansali, S. Rajeshwari - Topics of videos

Priya Bhansali, S. Rajeshwari



1)      Increase in the number of women CAs

2)      On the first two conferences of Women's Steering Group, in Delhi and Indore

3)      Real need of second career option for women CAs (Rajeshwari)

4)      Motivation can help women CAs who aspire to get back to active work or practice

5)      Forthcoming CA journal dedicated to women

6)      Examples of women CAs who are active in diverse fields

7)      Do women members make a difference in boardrooms

8)      Women CAs as candidates for independent directorships

9)      Policies that can ensure a level-playing field for women (Rajeshwari)

10)  Scope for local firms in professional work relating to local enterprises

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