Thursday, November 19, 2009

Naren Nachiappan - Topics of videos

Naren Nachiappan


1)      What interests me is the way people acquire and organise information

2)      Origins of Jivox

3)      Customers that we have earned in less than one year

4)      Top entertainment and news sites are part of our publishing network

5)      Economic crisis helped us because people were looking for accountability in advertising

6)      SMEs using our service in self-service mode

7)      Plans for small businesses

8)      Mobile platform for video ads

9)      Replacement of static signboards with dynamic ones

10)  Urban vs Rural market for video ads

11)  Tremendous levels of creativity out there for the ad industry

12)  Interaction in video ads

13)  How do we work

14)  Exciting things happening in video space

15)  Targeting of ads

16)  Attributes of a good video ad

17)  Things to avoid in video ad

18)  Sectors that reap good advantage from video advertising

19)  Does podcast eat into video ad potential

20)  Challenges that video ad has to contend with

21)  Exploring new markets

22)  Indian businesses learning from globalisation


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