Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Murali Ramalingam, Vivek Khemani - Topics of videos

Murali Ramalingam, Vivek Khemani


1)      Top thought is one of enthusiasm

2)      The needle is moving slowly in energy management

3)      India leapfrogs into the latest technology

4)      How the sensors work to manage energy

5)      Resistance to invest in energy management

6)      Hotel security, tailgating detection

7)      Energy management in conference rooms

8)      A book that I found fascinating

9)      Remote monitoring, control and diagnostics

10)  Plans for carbon credit programme

11)  Revised version of sensor for SMEs

12)  Working with Bureau of Energy Efficiency

13)  Green initiative is nascent, so we need to evolve our own models

14)  Benefits of differential electricity pricing

15)  Solutions for domestic market

16)  E-metering for water utility

17)  Water conservation within campuses

18)  Programmes in enterprises to reduce carbon footprint

19)  Courses on energy management in schools

20)  Lot of equipments being built to save energy

21)  Twenty years from now everything will be wireless

22)  Human beings are a bundle of energy

23)  Power of Gayathri mantra

24)  Top three challenges as the chief

25)  Difference between Indian and US managers


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