Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freemasons Press briefing - Topics of videos

Freemasons Press briefing


1)      Does the organisation attract young members (Biswa)

2)      Opening remarks (Kamakoti)

3)      History of the organisation in India (Biswa)

4)      Relevance of secrecy (Biswa)

5)      Gradual openness (Biswa)

6)      Women are not excluded (Biswa)

7)      Advanced degrees (Biswa)

8)      Plans to expand membership (Biswa)

9)      Elections within the organisation (Biswa)

10)  The question of believing in God (Biswa)

11)  Reverence to scriptures of 5 major religions (Biswa)

12)  Foremost qualification to become a member (Biswa)

13)  Who will perform the installation (Biswa)

14)  Number of members (Biswa)

15)  Differences in the practices around the world (Biswa)

16)  Agenda for the installation ceremony (Biswa)

17)  Why people drop out from membership (Biswa)

18)  Bans against the organisation (Biswa)

19)  Women may be admitted in future (Biswa)

20)  Prayers in the meeting focus on abiding to law (Biswa)

21)  Is the organisation relevant to current times (Biswa)

22)  Lodges with professionals such as CAs (Vijay)

23)  Legend that is dramatised through lectures (Biswa)

24)  Symbolism of design depicted on the tie and pin (Dinakar)

25)  Venues where meetings take place (Dinakar)

26)  Observations about geographical spread in the country (Kamakoti)


Brief interactions with:


1)      Capt Dr B. Biswakumar, Consultant Neurologist, Chennai, Grand Master-Elect, Grand Lodge of India

2)      B. Kamakoti, Chennai, Organising Secretary

3)      Vijay Vasudevan, Managing Director, Adsites OOH Media P Ltd, Chennai

4)      G. Dinakar, Hyderabad


At the Freemasons Press briefing (Taj Conn), November 19, 2009, 7.30 pm

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