Tuesday, October 27, 2009


1)      'The New Data Imperative: Managing real-time risk in capital markets' by Raj Nathan, Irfan Khan and Sinan Baskan (www.eastonsp.com)

2)      'Virtual Shadows: Your privacy in the information society' by Karen Lawrence Öqvist (www.vivagroupindia.com)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Mark

1)      '50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming' from the Green Patriot Working Group (www.jaicobooks.com)

2)      'The Other India: Realities of an emerging power' Ed: Rajesh Chakrabarti (www.sagepublications.com)

3)      'The Ethical Executive' by Robert Hoyk and Paul Hersey (www.vivagroupindia.com)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book Value

1)      'Multiple Meanings of Money: How women see microfinance' by Smita Premchander (www.sagepublications.com)

2)      'Option Trading: Bear market strategies' by Sasidharan K. and Alex K. Mathews (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

3)      'Monetary, Investment, and Trade Issues in India' by Ramkishen S. Rajan (www.oup.com)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Mark

1)      'HR Strategy for the High Performing Business' by Ap Eigenhuis and Rob van Dijk (www.vivagroupindia.com)

2)      'A Handbook of Poll Surveys in Media: An Indian perspective' by N. Bhaskara Rao (www.gyanbooks.com)

3)      'How to Negotiate Like a Pro: 41 rules for resolving disputes' by Mary Greenwood (www.macmillanpublishersindia.com)


1)      'Programming: A beginner's guide' by Richard Mansfield (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

2)      'Implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization's Development Agenda' Ed: Jeremy de Beer (www.idrc.ca)

3)      'Autodesk Inventor 2010: No experience required' by Thom Tremblay (www.wileyindia.com)

4)      'How to Publish Your PhD' by Sarah Caro (www.sagepublications.com)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Books of Account

1)      'Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty: Theory and case studies' by Louis-Marie Asselin (www.idrc.ca)

2)      'Dynamics of Indian Banking: Views and vistas' Ed: Manoranjan Sharma (www.atlanticbooks.com)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Value

1)      'Crash Proof 2.0' by Peter D. Schiff (www.wiley.com)

2)      'The Way to Trade: Discover your successful trading personality' by John Piper (www.visionbooksindia.com)

3)      'His Needs Her Needs: Building an affair-proof marriage' 15e by Willard F. Harley, Jr. (www.magnamags.com)

Book Mark

1)      'Street-Smart Advertising: How to win the battle of the buzz' by Margo Berman (www.macmillanpublishersindia.com)

2)      'Mastering Communication at Work: How to lead, manage, and influence' by Ethan F. Becker and Jon Wortmann (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

3)      'How Toyota Changed the World' by K. Dennis Chambers (www.jaicobooks.com)

Manage Mentor

1)      'Bad Apples' by Brette McWhorter Sember and Terrence J. Sember (www.vivagroupindia.com)

2)      'The Manager's Question & Answer Book: 190 important questions – with practical answers to make you a better manager' by Florence M. Stone (www.visionbooksindia.com)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

R. Bupathy - Videos on YouTube

R. Bupathy


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Certainty is the issue of concern in international taxation

3)      Observations about the Vodafone case

4)      Aggressive postures by taxpayers

5)      Practical difficulties that charitable trusts face

6)      Views about the Direct Taxes Code Bill

7)      No clarity in the Code about the word branch

8)      The Code's language is simple, but it may be litigation-prone

9)      National Tax Tribunal as a measure to cope with tax litigation

10)  Large Taxpayers Unit can do better

11)  Fair value concern to be addressed to facilitate IFRS transition

12)  Benefits of moving towards IFRS

13)  Consolidation in the accounting profession

14)  Amendment to LLP regime can help the profession to scale

15)  Accounting service is becoming a commodity, and it is inevitable

16)  Consulting service offered by chartered accountants

17)  Worrying trend of dwindling numbers of chartered accountants entering practice

18)  Joining a firm vs starting a firm afresh

19)  Peer pressure, a factor behind dropping out of practice

20)  Succession planning by CA firms

21)  People in profession should not actively engage in stock market

22)  Promise of SME growth

23)  Commitment to work, one most valuable work lesson

24)  Learning can be made enjoyable

25)  Are CA firms playing the role of mentoring for the articled clerks

26)  A few techniques employed within the firm, to promote learning among apprentices

27)  On the ICAI's announcement that there will be no choice in exams

28)  Taking the exam without due preparation, a common mistake that students commit

29)  Tips for CA students on how to study taxation and other subjects

Sunil Jose - Videos on YouTube

Sunil Jose


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Sybase's journey over the years, in India

3)      User base of Sybase

4)      Needs of the mobility solutions

5)      Education support for Sybase

6)      Strategy for SMBs

7)      Work with Verizon and SAP

8)      Does the mobility space suffer from lack of standardisation

9)      Gathering customer feedback through embedded mobile devices

10)  Security of mobile applications

11)  New imperatives for telecom service providers

12)  Niche areas that developer community is working on

Paul Basil - Videos on YouTube

Paul Basil


1)      Top thoughts

2)      Expectations of investors in social enterprises

3)      Profit not a dirty word when serving the poor

4)      A view on corporate philanthropy

5)      Need for a blend of altruism and market-based approach

6)      Has religion influenced development work

7)      Customisation that geographical differences demand

8)      Factors behind the success of social enterprises

9)      Social enterprises take longer to scale

10)  Can social enterprises become redundant

11)  Is there family support to youngsters who want to be entrepreneurs

12)  CSR as a cautious route to new markets

13)  Positives in the social initiatives of corporates

14)  Current projects

15)  What is innovation

16)  Creating lasting value requires entrepreneurial mind

17)  Examples of innovation

18)  Challenge for any innovator is to experience the user's problems

19)  Support of Government can accelerate the work of social enterprises

20)  Possibility of customisation of tax policy

21)  Relevance of social enterprises in developed vs developing countries

22)  Giving a product at one rupee vs offering things free

23)  Importance of third-party audit and assessment of impact

24)  The Jive experience in Kerala, with pineapple farmers

25)  Farmers working with traders

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1)      'Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications' by Paul A. Argenti and Courtney M. Barnes (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

2)      'Flash CS4 in Simple Steps' from Kogent Solutions Inc. (www.dreamtechpress.com)

3)      'Managing Agile Projects' Ed: Kevin Aguanno (www.macmillanpublishersindia.com)

4)      'Building Service-Aware Networks: The next-generation WAN/MAN' by Muhammad Afaq Khan (www.ciscopress.com)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book Mark

1)      'The Way of Innovation' by Kaihan Krippendorff (www.vivagroupindia.com)

2)      'How Apple Inc. Changed the World' by Jason D. O'Grady (www.jaicobooks.com)

3)      'Who Killed Change?' by Ken Blanchard (www.harpercollins.co.uk)


1)      'Delivering E-Learning: A complete strategy for design, application and assessment' by Kenneth Fee (www.vivagroupindia.com)

2)      'Effective Project Management: Tradition, agile, extreme,' fifth edition by Robert K. Wysocki (www.wileyindia.com)

3)      'How Google Changed the World' by Virginia Scott (www.jaicobooks.com)

4)      'Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook' by Larry Carpenter et al. (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Book Value

'Madoff with the Money' by Jerry Oppenheimer (www.wiley.com)

Book Profit

'Costs and Challenges of Local Urban Services: Evidence from India's cities' by Kala Seetharam Sridhar and Om Prakash Mathur (www.oup.com)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Book Mark

1)      'The First 90 Days' by Michael D. Watkins (www.tatamcgrawhill.com)

2)      'Eat My Globe' by Simon Majumdar (www.johnmurray.co.uk)

3)      'Notes from Gandhigram' by Samir Banerjee (www.orientblackswan.com)