Tuesday, May 05, 2009

T. K. Vadivel Pillai - Videos on YouTube

1)      An Institute to teach practical knowledge of magic and also conduct research

2)      How I got interested in magic

3)      All magic happens in the minds of the audience

4)      Does society view magic positively

5)      Magic is entertainment, it should not be used for exploiting the gullible

6)      Product launch using magic

7)      Amusement parks and hotels can provide magic as a regular entertainment

8)      Indian system of magic is classical one

9)      Do we relax enough to appreciate magic

10)  A creative magic presentation -- at Rajasthan Cosmo Club

11)  A forthcoming workshop along with Russian Cultural Centre

12)  Contribution of J. K. Rowling to the world of magic

13)  Fantasy and witches as in Harry Potter may not be practical

14)  Audience participation is key in magic show

15)  Gore in magic shows can frighten the lay people

16)  Two major roles of magic

17)  Magic can bring about unbelievable changes in people, when incorporated in corporate training

18)  Can magic make the teaching of tough subjects in schools easier

19)  Do people tend to think that impossible is possible -- an episode

20)  Real magic comes from the changes in the thought patterns through suggestions for the better

21)  Dramatic improvements are possible among difficult people, with the help of positive suggestions

22)  Three types of magic

23)  Popularity of magic on television

24)  Two things that Westerners like about Indian magic

25)  Magic is ultimate in creativity

26)  Can magic play a role in product or game design and development

27)  Magic with a deck of cards -- messy mix-up put to order

28)  Change of cards -- Ace disappears

29)  Marked card and a card swap

30)  Destiny in a dropped card

31)  Role of cards in magic

32)  The case of multiplying the red balls

33)  Synchronised signatures on a visiting card

34)  Think of a number and it has been predicted

35)  Send your thought as a cloud…

36)  Rope trick

37)  Tricks with rubber bands

38)  Welcome through a rubber band

39)  You can choose your thoughts, and thus, your destiny

40)  Fitness tips

41)  How do I resolve problems

42)  Allow the right brain to help you solve problems

43)  Potential of sleep to keep us grounded

44)  Rushing, a major problem of modern humans

45)  No need to understand everything in life and end up in paralysis by analysis

46)  Creativity happens in a relaxed state, and that does not need external stimulants

47)  Role of creativity in music composing

48)  Magic can be designed to fit the taste of rural audience

49)  Politicians are basically hypnotists, using powerful language

50)  What is ESP and how it works

51)  Nature provides us with magic around us and energises our soul

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