Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rajendran Dandapani - Videos on YouTube

1)      Moment you stop liking your job, it is time to move on

2)      Making Toondoo appeal to children is the challenge, and the truest test of my product's creativity

3)      Is there a place for traditional newspapers in a world that is increasingly going digital

4)      Argument that there is no Internet penetration in India is a myth

5)      Remembering my teacher

6)      What I learnt today from a Twitter feed -- 50 things to keep in mind

7)      The most valuable work lesson -- Don't promote yourself away from what you love

8)      We look for the fire -- the passion to really perform and prove oneself - and the ability to learn

9)      A thought from the book, 'Micromessaging'

10)  Thin line between being obnoxious and being friendly -- the benefit of multicultural work environment

11)  A tip for time management -- Priorities are like arms

12)  Views about the young generation

13)  Deep down everybody is good, and how comics are shifting from the traditional approach of absolute goodness and badness

14)  Internet helps us go beyond labelling to tagging

15)  A dream I'd like to chase later in life -- become a full-time mentor

16)  Fostering innovation is an ongoing process of satisfying the creative hunger of people

17)  Views about the economic downturn

18)  Education really starts only when you have fun learning

19)  Demo of Toondoo

20)  Using images from a gallery of photographs in a cartoon

21)  Work that has gone into Toondoo, to make it fun to use

22)  Business model of Toondoo

23)  Use of toons in books, newsletters, T-shirt printing

24)  Best way to teach is not to seem that you are teaching, and that can be done through stories enriched by toons -- example of how a zebra got its stripes

25)  There is no user manual on how to create a toon, and that is the test of ease-of-use

26)  A full story book -- example of life at school

27)  Toondoo cartoons used in publications -- an example from Young Minds

28)  Flash is the technology back-end, and the final output is a JPG file, and we are considering going on the mobile platform

29)  Toondoo-ers who are volunteering to work along with the shoestring team

30)  Character-maker facility for help in portraying current affairs themes

31)  Children authors who want to write a whole story with toons

32)  What is the Toondoo style of comic-making

33)  We have more than 3.5 lakh users, about 1000 new users come in everyday, and 2000-2500 cartoons are made daily

34)  Expectations of users from Toondoo

35)  AU -- the Adventnet University

36)  College degree and the real world of work

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