Saturday, May 09, 2009

Prasad Ram - Videos on YouTube

1)      Opening remarks

2)      Information transparency can help us overcome many major issues in the society

3)      Are there models that we can borrow, to provide searchable information

4)      Changes come bottom-up -- example of RTI

5)      Entrepreneurship may be easier than earlier, but competition is more

6)      Mortality rate of entrepreneurship is very high, yet…

7)      What keeps us on toes

8)      All of us can share so much, and still compete at a different level

9)      Society needs to adjust with the speed with which information is available

10)  Example of Mapmaker in which community contributed to compilation

11)  Citizens have to be empowered with information so that they can ask the right questions

12)  Once communities go online, polling is an important attribute

13)  Consumer demand can help bring out information held in internal systems

14)  Information is the oxygen for society

15)  Lot of information comes from personal interaction -- case of Rajasthan

16)  When will PC and broadband penetration happen to a greater extent

17)  Entrepreneurs understand a local need and build a solution

18)  Mobile devices vs shrinking size of PCs

19)  Emphasis in R and D

20)  We look for leapfrogging…

21)  When technology is built for the masses it is very likely to become mainstream

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