Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A. Narayanan - Videos on YouTube

1)      Life is a zero-sum game -- a story

2)      Remembering my teacher

3)      How I decided to start

4)      On the choice of name for business

5)      How does the portal facilitate recruitment and job search

6)      Revenue model of the business

7)      Database is kept current by giving the choice to unsubscribe

8)      Advertisements are accepted only from direct employers

9)      Matching algorithms are constantly under improvement

10)  Growth of eUdyog and validation

11)  Only link with the job-seeker is the email id, and it is added to the database after a double opt-in

12)  Initial feedback of customers is that they are getting good response from the portal

13)  Instead of using in-house databases, corporates can go for just-in-time hiring through eUdyog

14)  Is this the right time to start an enterprise

15)  Job advertisement as a branding exercise

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