Friday, May 01, 2009

N. Muthuraman - Videos on YouTube

1)      Working with Atyati, which offers automation solutions to microfinance

2)      How is the funding scene now

3)      IPO market will take 18 to 24 months to return

4)      On participation of middle class in capital markets

5)      Lure of bank deposits continues

6)      Gold jewellery as an investment option is a lose-lose proposition

7)      Need for over-the-counter market for smaller enterprises

8)      How to make OTC more popular

9)      Difference that technology adoption brought into capital markets

10)  This round of NPA cycle in banks will be different from the previous cycles

11)  The case of Subhiksha

12)  Merger and acquisition market not active these days

13)  Aspiring entrepreneurs may not prefer to take over an existing concern

14)  A portal to connect buyers and sellers of businesses

15)  Sensex vs Real economy

16)  Financial media can talk about the broader index, rather than focus on Sensex

17)  Commodity as an asset class

18)  Losses on forex contracts -- an example

19)  Finance for non-finance people -- a webinar

20)  Comparative strengths of CAs, MBAs, CFAs in financial expertise

21)  How do I study the company results

22)  Disclosures are voluminous, so analysts have to interpret the same for common investors

23)  If other income forms a large part of a company's profit, it is a worrying sign

24)  Analysis of segmental results disclosed by banks

25)  Treasury operations in companies

26)  Dip in volumes has adversely impacted brokerages

27)  Views on wealth management in India

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