Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kumar Vembu - Videos on YouTube

1)      Using technology to connect businesses

2)      GoFrugal addresses the retail and distribution market space

3)      We began working with pharmacy stores and now work with more than 40 retail segments

4)      Currently 90 per cent business comes from India

5)      Reason for naming the company with a 'Frugal' twist

6)      Hardware prices have come down dramatically, but software prices haven't similarly fallen

7)      Remembering my teacher

8)      There are no free lunches in business

9)      Knowing people and right connections vs professional work in a competitive environment

10)  Are family businesses able to sustain success

11)  Views of Warren Buffett

12)  Compliance load on small enterprises

13)  There is a large incentive for retailers to remain small

14)  Two major issues that organised retail has to face

15)  SWOT analysis of organised and unorganised retail

16)  Growth of organised retail in a mature supply chain environment

17)  Ecosystem for retail in the US vs India

18)  Perishable inventory management is the most complex in retail system

19)  Who reaps the benefit of high prices of agricultural products

20)  How do farmers go about selling their produce (in Tamil)

21)  Farmers stand to benefit from trickle down effect when prices are high for a period of time

22)  Forward contract in agricultural products

23)  Tip for time management -- don't keep yourself too busy

24)  Focus and concentration are necessary if you want to do anything well

25)  A dream I'd like to chase later in life -- to teach in a school

26)  Economy is not undergoing a slowdown, it is in a steady state

27)  How technology helps small retailers in reducing cost per transaction

28)  A quick survey on 'slowdown' in Kumbakonam

29)  Why I chose to be in a products company

30)  IT services companies, global vs Indian

31)  Telecom developments

32)  Mobile applications in retail

33)  Images are used in the integrated multi-channel retail solution

34)  Web presence used by neighbourhood retailers for order collection

35)  Why is retailing a popular avenue for entrepreneurship

36)  Who can be a successful retailer

37)  Reasons behind the failure of many retailers

38)  Best practices of traditional retailers that are worth emulating

39)  In which segments of retail do we find greater technology absorption

40)  Good scope in India for transaction automation, business process automation, and operational management, rather than business intelligence and analytics

41)  Working on Web-based retail business management solution, and on deploying our solution through wizard-like approach

42)  Many established retailers feel cheated by software vendors

43)  Usability of software has been made easy, considering the skill levels available in unorganised retail business

44)  Native intelligence of retailers that helps them in decision-making

45)  Average Indian retailer is very well connected

46)  With supply chain visibility for channel inventory, we can work towards savings

47)  Large FMCG manufacturers shifted from sales-based production planning to one based on demand

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