Friday, May 08, 2009

Kiruba Shankar - Videos on YouTube

1)      India needs to contribute more to Wikipedia

2)      A book I am writing -- with 50 case studies on corporates using social media

3)      Neighbourwoods -- a platform to connect people who are passionate about trees and environment

4)      Any good work that is done with passion requires funding too

5)      Role of transparency in funding -- an example of tsunami relief initiative

6)      My biggest mistake

7)      Kiruba Show -- a conversational piece with CEOs

8)      What do I do when I find myself intellectually challenged

9)      I am a self-confessed addict of Twitter

10)  Are corporates good at managing crisis situations that are fuelled by social media

11)  Remembering my teacher

12)  One most valuable work lesson -- Eat the ugliest frog first

13)  For close to about 8 years, I have been cycling to work and that is a part of my fitness routine

14)  Views about the young generation

15)  Why is fleeting attention a worrying phenomenon

16)  Couch Surfing -- an alternative to staying in a hotel

17)  A good performer is one who finds a solution

18)  A dream I'd like to chase is to grow an edible forest

19)  Downturn is the best time for startups

20)  Entrepreneurs are better off when they don't take money from VCs

21)  Best VCs are those who were successful as entrepreneurs

22)  Wikimedia Foundation India chapter to be formed

23)  Value of knowledge increases when shared with the world

24)  How can we have more people actively engaged in generating content

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