Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jeffrey Archer - Videos on YouTube

1)      How do you see the economy…

2)      Lending practices of UK banks

3)      Advantages of India as compared to China

4)      I am 'the new leader of India'

5)      A huge number of pirated copies of books being sold

6)      Translation into Tamil and more Indian languages

7)      Popularity of translated works

8)      No camera please…

9)      Australian director to make a movie of 'Paths of Glory'

10)  What do you think of 'Slumdog Millionaire'

11)  My readers are highly intelligent, clever people who are well-read

12)  Research that I did for 'Paths of Glory'

13)  Indian women are so serene

14)  Worries for India

15)  I will never talk about Jews, or Muslims

16)  Twenty-twenty is rubbish, I hate it, cricket is a test match

17)  I believe in hard work

18)  Author reading a snatch

19)  Corus… No comments

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