Friday, May 08, 2009

Himanshu Chakrawarti - Videos on YouTube

1)      Exploring the sourcing of e-readers and content

2)      Price of e-reader will be about Rs 10000, and there is a huge potential market

3)      To whom will e-readers be useful

4)      Forthcoming event for the new book of Jeffrey Archer, 'Paths of Glory'

5)      Features of the Indian market for books

6)      We are launching Jeffrey Archer's books in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada

7)      How is pricing of foreign books in India, compared to global markups

8)      Do social networking sites contribute to increase in book sales

9)      Are books bought, but not read

10)  Programme for children, to encourage the reading habit

11)  How about a mobile bookshop in Chennai, in bus

12)  Tie-up with airlines, to deliver book when boarding the flight

13)  Impact of economic downturn on book sales

14)  Do children find time to read books other than textbooks

15)  Stories from Tagore's Gitanjali that facilitated discussions in school

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