Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chitra Ravi - Videos on YouTube

1)      Opening remarks…

2)      There is an urgent need for dynamic reforms in education

3)      Remembering my teacher

4)      Everybody talks about 'covering' syllabus, what we require is 'uncovering' so that children seek out knowledge

5)      Teachers don't go beyond the script, and that can lead to a crisis in education

6)      All stakeholders of education have to engage in dialogues for improvement

7)      Learning to think is more important than gathering facts and information that is instantly available on the Net

8)      Safe route to 'success' is what 98 per cent of parents choose for their children

9)      Flaw in looking at metrics that are tangible vs intangible, when making education choices

10)  Awareness lacking of the National Curriculum Framework 2005

11)  What can prevent established schools from trying out improvements in education methods

12)  Do schools sufficiently budget for a dynamic training environment for teachers

13)  Teacher development -- Four quadrants based on attitude and techniques

14)  Support of leader crucial to get the buy-in from cynics -- an anecdote

15)  Schools that are already brands, like Sachin Tendulkar, can be the models when it comes to adopting newer techniques

16)  Tips for time management -- Urgent vs Important

17)  An approach to negotiation

18)  How parents tend to wrongly make decisions for their children's education without considering the contemporary situation

19)  Views about the young generation

20)  We only have Sunday morning blues…

21)  What can make work-spaces motivating and energising

22)  Schools are slowly becoming places of integration, with many services outsourced

23)  What got me interested in education

24)  Examples of how kindergarten books can have negative content

25)  Need for a regulatory body that oversees the quality of books for kindergarten children

26)  Things that parents fret and fume about can be insignificant when seen in proper perspective

27)  Chrysalis IT aims at making children responsible users of technology

28)  What went into the design of the logo

29)  The tussle between tangible vs intangible, when designing education products

30)  Education should provide an opportunity to people to choose the economy they'd work in

31)  Scope for volunteers in EZ Vidya's work

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