Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chandrashekar Kupperi - Videos on YouTube

1)      Trends in merger and acquisition deals

2)      Remembering my teacher

3)      One most valuable work lesson -- practice makes things perfect

4)      What I look for the most in a new recruit is the high energy level

5)      Applying 'Blink' concept at work

6)      How I adopted 'Blink' insight while hiring

7)      Tips for time management -- tentative deadline for tasks

8)      Do people set internal benchmarks for the work they can do

9)      How I began with Raja Yoga

10)  Views about the young generation

11)  Role of innovation in FMCG, and how to foster it

12)  Key drivers of personal care

13)  Grooming is a self-belief

14)  Products in personal care appeal to the young by being increasingly convenient in terms of packaging

15)  In personal care, India adopts ideas from the West

16)  Exhibitions allow people to try out new personal care products

17)  How organisations tackle the problem of spurious products

18)  Geographic demand pattern for personal care products

19)  Special features of personal care segment in the FMCG sector

20)  On brand loyalty

21)  Advantage of heritage brand, but it has to be contemporary, delivering products for the current taste

22)  CFO has to become a chief facilitating officer

23)  Different methods of valuing a business

24)  On CRO, the Chief Risk Officer

25)  Views on global economic meltdown

26)  Relevance of due diligence, and changes required in CA course

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