Saturday, May 16, 2009

C. Sumedh Reddy - Videos on YouTube

1)      Wonder when the downturn will be over

2)      Real estate outlook in Chennai

3)      Travelling and virtual travel -- my passion

4)      Knowing the place around where we live and work can make our lives more interesting

5)      Health advice and nutritional information through mobiles

6)      By asking a few basic questions about diet we can offer useful counsel

7)      Local sports and music events bring in a lot of positive energy to communities

8)      Venues for people of common interests to come together

9)      Impact of economic condition on the real estate business

10)  How does ValueProps work

11)  Residential rentals are still holding on

12)  Should you buy a new or second-hand apartment

13)  Business of facilitating the re-building of old apartments

14)  Real estate, as an industry, does not enjoy much public trust

15)  Market for high-end apartments

16)  How much should an investor allocate for real-estate

17)  Real-estate information can be provided on mobile phones more effectively if we had something like MLS (multi-listing system)

18)  Why MLS-like regulation is critical from a national security perspective

19)  Real estate price behaviour in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities

20)  Bank lending plays a big role in selling a house

21)  What got me interested in finding a technology solution for real-estate

22)  Connecting supply and demand for paying-guests

23)  Views about the hotel industry

24)  What makes Open Source technology popular in current business situation

25)  Web 2 point 0 promotes e-commerce, creates entrepreneurs

26)  Advice for startups -- first generate revenue and ensure profitability before looking for investor

27)  Online marketing can give the initial traffic for startups

28)  Economics of online marketing

29)  Will we bypass the online market and adopt the mobile market

30)  Way forward in rural areas can be through mobile phones

31)  Technology will continue to be relevant as long as it achieves savings with every upgrade

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