Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amit Varma - Videos on YouTube

1)      Four things that blogging taught me about writing

2)      Cover design came up through a contest on the blog

3)      The lizard in the book is the autobiographical element

4)      Why I stopped writing columns, when I began writing the novel

5)      Blogging never came in the way of writing the novel

6)      Is writing an act of inspiration, or a lot of hard work

7)      Self belief vs Self delusion

8)      We don't have an ecosystem that nurtures English writers

9)      We are a schizophrenic society

10)  I am a bit cynical about the emerging political scene

11)  Social networking space provides an interesting exercise in transparency

12)  RTI is a great step, but it can be taken forward by making information available freely on the Net

13)  Indian journalism is still at a nascent stage

14)  With TVs providing 'breaking news' the function of newspapers may have to change

15)  Responsibility comes with the realisation that one writes for posterity

16)  Too often news headlines are full of opinion

17)  Is there a hunger for news content that goes beyond the superficial

18)  Newspaper industry in the cusp of change, with global newspapers taking a beating

19)  Author reading the book

20)  On book tours

21)  What's wrong with the way literature is normally taught in schools and colleges

22)  I grew up in a house full of books

23)  Chennai, a city with good bookshops

24)  Community reading spaces are needed

25)  Teachers can creatively adapt books in their classes

26)  I want to tell compelling stories that are both entertaining and at some level thought-provoking

27)  Writing columns vs writing novel

28)  Political reporting often sees the journalists imposing their own narrative

29)  Reporters often go to stories with pre-formatted pegs in mind

30)  Thought that went into the opening of the story

31)  The voice of the book is the voice of the character, in first person

32)  Future books will be like newsroom procedurals

33)  Next book is about a 1980s man coming to terms with the 21st century

34)  Writing requires a lot of discipline

35)  What you read in 'My Friend Sancho' is pretty much the first draft

36)  Write about what you know -- advice for wannabe writers

37)  Cinematic adaptation of a book has to be viewed as a separate presentation

38)  Dialogue is a tricky problem for writers

39)  Real-life dialogue vs Dialogue in books

40)  Children probably are reading more, in different ways, and gathering knowledge

41)  Are writers affected by recession

42)  Two tips for aspiring writers

43)  I am a great supporter of T-20 cricket for the opportunity it offers to new talent

44)  T-20 format can be taken to the district level

45)  IPL and soaps, aren't they just the same

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