Thursday, April 30, 2009

D. Antony Ashok Kumar - Videos on YouTube

1)      Impact of slowdown on hospitality industry

2)      Need for environmental awareness in hospitality industry

3)      Waste management practices in hotels

4)      Customer preferences that require attention in hotels

5)      Tourism potential in India

6)      Example of Singapore in tourism promotion

7)      Zero crime rate

8)      Foreign travellers to India are exploited and harassed

9)      Remembering my teacher

10)  We learn every moment

11)  Views about the younger generation

12)  Book on health recipes that I'd like to write

13)  A recipe for heart patients -- fish biryani

14)  Research in Indian culinary

15)  A signal that tells me there is a problem

16)  Scope for creativity and innovation in hospitality industry

17)  Low-cost hotel for budget travellers

18)  Feasibility of budget hotels

19)  How does a fresh graduate go about setting up a hotel

20)  Suggestions for the media

21)  Status stigma that hoteliers suffer from

22)  Job of air-hostesses is tough

23)  How can travel be made more popular

24)  Plans for expansion

25)  Heritage research

26)  Foreign travellers like to know more about Indian food

27)  We have students from other countries

28)  Entry-level hotel employees need to be paid better

29)  Cost management in hospitality industry

30)  Changes required in hotel management curriculum

31)  Does hotel management course attract the right students

32)  How panic reactions affect hospitality industry

33)  Rural tourism

34)  Policies that can promote the hospitality industry

D. Antony Ashok Kumar - on YouTube

Interview with Dr D. Antony Ashok Kumar, Director and Principal, SRM Institute of Hotel Management, and Sr General Manager, SRM Hotel P Ltd, Chennai, April 30, 2009, 12.30 pm

Book Value

Market Panic: Wild gyrations, risks and opportunities in stock markets
The Persistence of Poverty: Why the economics of the well-off can't help the poor
The Fine Print of Life

Manage Mentor

Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen: How 11 Indians pulled off the impossible
Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Book Mark

Achieve Sales Excellence
Ride the Change
Marketing Management

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amit Maheshwari - Videos on YouTube

1)      Huge gap between what Indian logistics can do and the actual performance of logistics

2)      Origin and growth of Softlink

3)      Message to graduating engineers

4)      Packages developed for logistics companies in the initial years

5)      Product-building is a tough process, and it is risky

6)      We have the talent to build products, but that needs support in terms of resources

7)      Is there a focus on IT products at the industry body level

8)      What is missing in our education system

9)      Are Indians risk-averse

10)  Examples of how we avoid risk

11)  What is logistics

12)  Factors that add to logistics costs within the country

Amit Maheshwari - on YouTube

Interview with Amit Maheshwari, CEO & Founder, Softlink Logistic Systems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai,, March 5, 2009, 4 pm

Sunil Kumar - Videos on YouTube

1)      Greater focus on customer relation and servicing

2)      View on slowdown

3)      Story of Symbiotic

4)      Growth plans through global customer acquisition

5)      I'll give you anything you want on the mobile phone

6)      Balance on most mobiles is less than Rs 10

7)      Almost entire revenue is from content generated in-house

8)      Categories of services

9)      What is ideal content

10)  Voice alert through call that delivers music or song

11)  More than 8.5 million subscribers being served

12)  What value-added services (VAS) are the most popular

13)  Voice vs instrumental, movie vs devotional, retro vs modern

14)  Dream of becoming a teacher at London Business School

15)  Question that I faced at LBS interview

16)  Willingness to work and right attitude -- a story

17)  Gaming on mobile phones

18)  Educational VAS products for students

Sunil Kumar - on YouTube

Interview with Sunil Kumar, CEO, Symbiotic InfoTech Pvt Ltd, Chennai (, April 28, 2009, 12.30 pm

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manish Bansal - Videos on YouTube

1)      An appliance from Websense

2)      Security solutions tend to co-exist and talk to each other

3)      There are measurable benefits to customers

4)      Newer technologies used by malware

5)      How do corporates respond to alerts

6)      Certification to end-customers and partners

7)      SMEs also looking at security solutions

8)      ECRA - monitors organisations on four things

Manish Bansal - on YouTube

Interview with Manish Bansal, Regional Marketing Manager-SAARC, Websense International Ltd, Mumbai (, April 28, 2009, 3 pm

Angela Ng - Videos on YouTube

1)      Opening remarks…

2)      Where are malware getting hosted

3)      Business risks in blocking websites

4)      Security trends

5)      First to detect viruses and malicious code in the market

6)      Are there estimates of how much damage malware has caused

7)      Impact of economic downturn

8)      Revenue growth, and manpower increase in the last six months

9)      Employee enablement, in the form of training of engineers, and R and D expansion

10)  Tough to eliminate hackers

11)  EIP - Essential Information Protection

12)  Any product for the mobile space

13)  Remembering my teacher

14)  One most valuable work lesson is to be nice to people, and not to play politics

15)  A dream I'd like to chase is to start a school for special needs children

16)  Top three challenges as the leader

17)  Views about the younger generation

18)  A common myth is that security is a one-time exercise

19)  Certification programmes

20)  Pricing policy

Angela Ng - on YouTube

Interview with Angela Ng, Director-Marketing, Asia Pacific & Middle East, Websense Singapore (, April 28, 2009, 3 pm

Bala V. Balachandran - Videos on YouTube

1)      When job is a joy, five years, ten years seem like yesterday

2)      I want to make this a top school by cultivating entrepreneurial minds

3)      Uncle Bala, close to students

4)      Advice for students on personal matters too -- example of marriage strategy

5)      Nobility, humility and magnanimity are more important the higher the talent

6)      How we brought into the campus the best of talent at affordable cost

7)      Compacting the course to one year, a model that was criticised initially

8)      We will be constantly revising our curriculum -- example of a programme on energy management

9)      Bala, the actor

10)  Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs -- a new school along with Ministry of Corporate Affairs

11)  Impact of poor economy on B-schools

12)  Investing time and money into the institution

13)  The Roman Amphitheatre look, Green focus, Energy efficiency, student facilities better than three-star hotel in the 20-acre campus

14)  Entrepreneurship coming up around the campus, in the Manamai village

15)  Customised MDP for corporates

16)  SWIM (Successful Women In Management), Yoga, Meditation -- for TQP, a Total Quality Person for soul leadership

17)  Three-week intensive programme for people at large, and four-week advanced executive programme for MBAs and CEOs

18)  Special facilities in the classroom for advanced executive programme

19)  Jimmy Carter was enamoured by the Karma Yoga project of Great Lakes

20)  Remembering my teacher

21)  One good thing about the new generation

22)  Ganesh, the ultimate CEO

23)  Succession plan communicated to the Board

24)  Lalu's success as the Railways Minister

25)  Writing a case study with Prem Chand Gupta, on Satyam and Enron, to be finished by May 31

26)  Independent directors on company boards

27)  Standards necessary for independent directors

28)  Strategic Profitability Management, Indian Business Leaders -- two books I am working on -- and articles, including SAILS

29)  Students who want to write a book on Bala

30)  A three-line wish (in Tamil)

31)  Vazhga valamudan, valarga vadivudan, thigazhga dhidamudan -- explained

32)  Already a swami, heading to become Balachandrananda

33)  Views on Indian politics

Bala V. Balachandran - on YouTube

Interview with Bala V. Balachandran, Founder and Hon Dean Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai,, April 27, 2009, 5 pm

A. C. Fernando - Videos on YouTube

1)      Book on 'Business Ethics' is part of ethical trilogy, along with books on corporate governance and CSR

2)      The book on 'Corporate Governance' prescribed in management courses

3)      Risk involved in selecting companies for awards

4)      Religious society vs Corporate enterprise

5)      We have not imbibed the kind of culture that a corporate body should have

6)      Corporate greed and individual greed are the main causes behind major scams

7)      By and large people are honest, and aberrations happen when people become self-centred

8)      Individuals as icons of corporates

9)      People do not normally challenge the leader -- an example

10)  It requires a tremendous amount of moral strength to question authority

11)  Practices within companies to encourage questioning

12)  Undergraduate students ask questions without fear, but not so the postgraduate students

13)  Should organisations foster fearlessness among employees

14)  Top management should pay greater attention to the recruitment process

15)  When coming for campus recruitment, companies try to communicate the values they stand for

16)  Over time, organisations develop a culture and whoever comes in tries to follow that culture

17)  Safety net that the present generation has can make risk-taking less tough

18)  Views about the younger generation

19)  Barriers that used to divide people are slowly disappearing, but politics is bringing back some of the negatives

20)  Remembering my teacher

21)  If the quality of teaching cannot be improved there is no way we can inspire students

22)  Role of B-schools in improving corporate governance and business ethics

23)  Exposing students to current affairs and social awareness

24)  Do something creative and purposeful

25)  I don't find any generation gap

26)  There are individual role-models in every field of human endeavour

27)  Writing a book on 'economic environment of business'

28)  Good idea to put together questions that students ask

29)  Author reading the book (a snatch)

30)  Economics vs Morals

31)  How about a code of corporate governance based on Indian wisdom

32)  Areas where business media can do better

A. C. Fernando - on YouTube

Interview with A. C. Fernando, Author of 'Business Ethics: An Indian perspective' (, Director, Loyola Centre for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Loyola College, Chennai, April 27, 2009, 1 pm

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ganesh Kumar Murugan - Videos on YouTube

1)      How much we can sustain is critical in the current situation

2)      Working on products for niche segments, such as the stone industry

3)      Story of how we developed and integrated IT applications for the stone industry

4)      End-user adaptability is the major challenge for IT implementation

5)      Entering into newer domains in the ecosystem of stone and monument industry

6)      Kubix Growth Pyramid, with four levels of IT maturity

7)      Global potential for the 'centre of excellence' approach that we adopt

8)      Market for monuments, in India and abroad

9)      Innovative people can get into application thought prototyping and help ideas become reality

10)  Views on engineers passing out of colleges these days

11)  Why is product space not getting its due attention from IT companies

12)  Project work for final-year engineering students

13)  India as a market for IT products

14)  Books can help managers build their attitude and character, and also offer useful takeaways for work

Ganesh Kumar Murugan - on YouTube

Interview with Ganesh Kumar Murugan, Vice President, Customer Services, Operations and Technology, Rising Solutions, Chennai,, March 6, 2009, 1 pm

Rajiv Krishnan - Videos on YouTube

1)      An overview of DDI

2)      How important is India in the enterprise

3)      The dual worry of security and slowdown

4)      Metrics of our performance, in mass-hiring and other assignments

5)      Example of how we ensured the building of an effective team

6)      Impact of global recession on hiring and personnel policies

7)      Recognition of good performance required even in the public sector

8)      Building an enduring organisation requires a clear talent roadmap

9)      Companies with cogent talent management practices have been good at retaining people

10)  Employee referral can be a double-edged route for recruitment

11)  Addressing the woes of our education system

12)  More institutions of higher learning than required

13)  Nurturing talent within the company vs bringing in outside leaders

14)  We tend to think of succession planning at the highest level

15)  Receptivity to feedback helps leaders in making course-correction

16)  We may be lacking in competencies such as collaboration and teamwork

17)  Motivation Fit checks if a person is motivated to do a job -- example of call centre employee

18)  Ongoing work is about unravelling the DNA of organisations, by studying the interplay of competencies and personal attributes, as business drivers

19)  Work on behalf of acquiring companies

20)  Having diversity help you globalise faster

21)  Who can be a successful HR person

22)  Enthusiasm, or can-do attitude is important for an employee to succeed

Rajiv Krishnan - on YouTube

Interview with Rajiv Krishnan, MD, Development Dimension International (, December 6, 2008, 1 pm

H.K. Lakshman Rao - Videos on YouTube

1)      How I got into teaching mathematics

2)      Common fears about mathematics

3)      Teachers and parents have a vital role in making mathematics interesting

4)      Art of understanding numbers and mathematics is lost when young children use calculators and mobile phone's calculators

5)      We cannot boast that as a country we are strong in mathematics

6)      Non-mathematics teachers can also benefit from mathematics inputs

7)      Mathematics fear is present even at the higher levels of education, such as among researchers

8)      Programme for students in Classes 6 to 10, who find mathematics frightening

9)      Effect of mathematics proficiency on grasping power, intelligence and decision-making

10)  Statistical methods, rather and experience and age, coming gradually to the forefront in corporate decision-making

11)  BITS Pilani case study, which statistically analyses cardiac data of a US hospital, identifies four risk factors

12)  Theoretical statistics vs applied statistics

13)  Quality of data in Government agencies

14)  Statistical tools are not too complicated to be deployed by managers and decision-makers

15)  Mathematician vs Statistician

H.K. Lakshman Rao - on YouTube

Interview with Dr H.K. Lakshman Rao, Management, Statistical & Corporate Consultant, Chennai, November 23, 2008, 12 noon

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dr K. M. Cherian - on YouTube

1)      How do I de-stress

2)      If you are healthy, you can sleep well

3)      When you love your job and do it, you don't need any holiday

4)      The thought of 'overwork' doesn't arise when you enjoy your work

5)      My journey has been one of taking decisions on my own, rather than following what others advised

6)      I like to be known as a practising safe cardiac surgeon, rather than as an entrepreneur

7)      Work on the first national medical science park of the country

8)      Star trees that I saw at a herbal farm in Kerala

9)      Allopathy joining hands with Indian medicine

10)  How Indians react to cardiac problems and treatment

11)  Cardiac bypass is a rehabilitative surgery to improve the quality of life

12)  Educated patients study things on the Internet

13)  Over-expectations of patients, at times instigated by others

14)  A case filed by a patient alleging that wrong advice was given

15)  Genetic factors behind cardiac problems

16)  Easy to say, 'Don't be stressed,' you must advise how not to have stress

17)  Money, greed, jealousy are behind management actions against successful doctors

18)  I trust people…

19)  World would have been a much simpler place to live in if only we knew whom to trust

20)  Brahmin heart and Muslim heart -- there is no difference

21)  A surgery for a girl from Lahore, during the Kargil War

22)  Talk at a forthcoming event, on intellectual property right and right for healthcare

23)  First in the world, we have set up a tertiary hospital in a village

24)  How can medical tourism be promoted

25)  Standard of medical education is very poor

26)  Over-use of technology in healthcare

27)  Remembering my teacher

28)  Fitness tip

29)  You can detect problems by sensing unhappiness in the face of people

30)  Listening to the unseen voice

31)  Inner guidance has been with me for a long time

32)  Views about the younger generation

33)  Sad that younger people come with cardiac problems

34)  Wellness clinics, and preventive care initiatives

35)  Policy changes required with regard to health care

36)  Epidemiology, regenerative medicine need more media attention

37)  Trees planted in my centre, to provide an opportunity to walk in a sandalwood forest