Sunday, June 01, 2008

Harish H V

Q: What about the time-factor involved, essential in M&A, in getting CCI’s approvals?
A: CCI has a view that 90 per cent of combinations will be approved within a time frame of 60 days. By re-defining the criteria for referrals the number of cases that need to be referred could be minimized and the ones that are referred too could be fast tracked.

Harish H V, Partner Specialist Advisory Services, Grant Thornton

Sairee Chahal

"When I got married my mother told me, marriages are not between two people but between two eco-systems. The same applies to deals, where it is all about managing complexity that it brings with it. Managing mergers and acquisitions are a function of the degree of complexity that can be managed within the eco-systems of the two identities in question."

Sairee Chahal, Co-Founder, SAITA Consulting (