Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pay attention to stupidity!

"Psychology has a long history of being fascinated with 'intelligence' but has only recently turned its attention to 'stupidity'. As Robert Sternberg noted, we spend millions on tests attempting to measure how bright people are and to predict who has the intelligence to succeed, but we pay little attention to what makes even the brightest people sometimes squander their gifts in 'amazing, breathtaking acts of stupidity.'"

Madeleine L. Van Hecke in 'Blind Spots' (


"Co-working spouses want to be reviewed and compensated without regard to the other - but, on the other hand, they would also appreciate it if one is laid off, the firm goes out of its way to retain the other. From the employers' side, bosses need some kind of assurance that if co-working couples split up, they'll keep the company out of it, and especially not take up colleagues' time asking them to take sides. And speaking of colleagues, they, too, need some kind of guarantee that when it comes to deciding promotions, awards, or other compensation, the co-workers who happen to be married to the decision-makers won't get preferential treatment. Maybe the new workplace policies, focused less on nephews and more on husbands and wives, should be called 'nuptialism'."

Mark J. Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne in 'Microtrends' (

Educate, instil faith and confidence

"The best salespeople never look like they are selling anything. And technically, they are not. They are educating, instilling faith and confidence. They are quietly and invisibly demonstrating why you should believe in them and, in turn, buy from them. A lesson we can learn from religion."

Mark Stevens in 'God is a Salesman' (

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brand valuation

"Analysts should also understand the cross-industry brand valuation dynamics..."

Mr Sanjiv Agrawal, Partner and National Director, Valuation & Business Modelling services, Ernst & Young

Hi doc!

"We want to be the home of the best technical documentation talent in the country."

Rakesh Shukla, CEO, The Writers Block

Who changed the rules?

"How did executives come to behave as if their primary responsibility was to manage stock price? Why have boards consistently rewarded them for doing so? One interpretation could be that it was an honest mistake..."

Scott C. Newquist and Max B. Russell in 'Corporate Governance: A Financial Perspective' (

Customer value management

"Customer value managment is an enabler, not a substitute, for technical prowess... and implementation prowess."

James C. Anderson, Nirmalya Kumar and James A. Narus in 'Value Merchants' (


There are some "open questions for the future of ALM"...

Alexandre Adam in ‘Handbook of asset and liability management’ (

Monday, November 26, 2007

Science vs technology

"Technology gives you everything instantly; science proceeds slowly."

Umberto Eco in ‘Turning Back the Clock’ (

AI and electricity

“With the advent of computer power in the early 1990s, they have become a widely studied and applied electric load-forecasting technique...”

Rafal Weron in ‘Modeling and Forecasting Electricity Loads and Prices: A Statistical Approach’ (